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A roof replacement can save you thousands on endless roof repairs, improve curb appeal, and increase the value of your home.

When it comes to creating a home that's beautiful, comfortable, and safe, you need a reliable roofing system. That's why a roof replacement should include more than just a new layer of shingles. If your roof has experienced severe damage, has recurrent problems, or is outdated, then replacing your system may be more cost-efficient than repairs.

The experienced, knowledgeable roofers at Klaus Roofing Systems of Upstate NY understand the complexity of roofing structures. Using only the best materials, we apply modern techniques designed to protect your roof from temperature fluctuations, extreme weather conditions, water leaks, and more!

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Benefits of a roof replacement

Protecting your home starts with regular roof maintenance on your roof, and, when the time comes, hiring a professional roof replacement company. Doing so helps combat the wear and tear roofs face over the years, from inclement weather and natural disasters to pests and more. While many issues can be addressed with a simple roof repair, a complete roof installation could be the better solution, potentially eliminating the need for multiple costly repairs in the future.

Replacing your roof comes with a long list of benefits for both your home and your wallet. Below are some of the primary reasons homeowners throughout Upstate New York are replacing their roofs:

  • Cost-efficient: With the right roof replacement company, a new roof can last a lifetime, making this a one-time expense for you!
  • Resale value: When you go to sell your home, one of the first things potential buyers notice and ask about is the condition of the roof. Even though you are trying to sell, a new roof installation will add more value to your home.
  • Repair all damages: Whether a severe storm has left major damage to your roof or years of neglect have left a few smaller issues, a total roof replacement can fix it at once.

Our roof replacement services

Roof Replacement Services in Upstate New York

Klaus Roofing Systems of Upstate NY can help with all your roof replacement needs, including loose shingles, hail damage, wood rot, and more!

There's no doubt that you and your family want to feel safe under your roof. For that to happen, every part of your new roof should be installed properly, and fixed the roofing issue you had before. When it comes to installing a new roof on your home, Klaus Roofing Systems of Upstate NY's expert roof replacement contractors can handle it all. Learn more about all the steps we take to ensure your roof needs replacing and how we do it:

Roof Inspections

Before any roofing project, we complete a thorough roof inspection. This step allows our roofers to identify problem areas and determine what your roof's issues are. With a clearer picture, we can determine the best option to create a long-lasting solution.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

If the surface of your roof is in need of an upgrade but the underlayment is still in great condition, you may not need a full roof replacement. In that case, an asphalt shingle roof replacement may be the better option. We can repair the outer layer of roofing, without having to take up the underlayment.

How is a roof replacement more affordable?

Greater Saratoga Springs Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is a practical investment in your home.

Have you been dealing with reoccurring roof leaks, damaged shingles, or other roof issues? Sometimes problems like wood rot, water intrusion, and other damage are too severe to fix and may be signs of a larger issue within your roofing system. With continuous repairs serving as a temporary solution, before long, the cost of fixing your roof will only increase.

If that's the case, investing in a full roof replacement would be a much more cost-effective solution. A new roof installation is also more economical than re-roofing since you won't have to worry about old problems coming back. Installing all-new materials allows you to eliminate reoccurring problems altogether. Plus, there's nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is protected with a new roof installed by a professional roof replacement company.

Klaus Roofing Systems of Upstate NY has expertly trained roof replacement contractors to ensure every job is completed to the highest roofing standards; The Klaus Roofing Way.

Signs that you may need a roof replacement:

  • Your shingles are broken, torn apart, coming off, buckling, cracked, or missing
  • Your roof is leaking into your home and creating warped spots on interior ceilings and walls
  • The shingles on your roof are discolored, missing, or look worn down
  • The flashing on your roof is damaged
  • There are signs of wood rot and mold, which can further deteriorate your roof
  • Your roof is 20 years old or older

Reasons for a roof replacement

A roofer may decide a roof replacement is more effective than making repairs for many reasons, including:

  • Updating old roofing: While all roofs will eventually break down, common materials like asphalt shingles last about 20 years. Roofs that are 20 years old or older may not be able to protect your home from leaks, wind, storms, and other issues.
  • Fixing severe damage: While roof repairs are great for fixing minor issues, it is more cost-efficient to replace the entire system when there is severe damage. A roof inspection can help determine the severity of damages and whether you need repair or replacement services.
  • Repairing storm damage: Extreme weather and hail storms can also cause severe roof damage. Even if your roof seems fine after a storm, damage can take months or even years to become obvious. After a harsh storm, it is best to evaluate the condition of your roof with an inspection.
  • Boosting curb appeal: Whether you've purchased a new house or are making renovations to your property, a new roof installation can add value, security, and beauty to any home.

What about a partial roof replacement?

A roofing contractor may determine that a partial roof replacement is the best option for your home after performing a thorough roof inspection. In this instance, only a section of your roof is replaced rather than the whole thing. Although a partial roof replacement can be done quickly, it does present some potential problems.

The biggest issue is the age of your roof. When it's first installed, your whole roof has the same lifespan. Replacing only sections of your roof alters how long your roof will last and changes the time span in which you should have the entire roof replaced. It can also cost you more money in the future because you will have to replace the entire roof, including the newest section, when you get a complete roof replacement down the road.

Klaus Roofing Systems of Upstate NY wants to ensure your entire roof is protected all at once, which is why we do not recommend partial roof replacements.

Roof concerns go beyond the roofing material

When we evaluate the condition of your roof, our primary concern will be the roofing shingles or other finished roofing material. However, before deciding whether roof repair or new roof installation is right for you, there are some other areas of the roof that should also be inspected by a professional roofing contractor.

Make sure that your roofer also inspects the following elements:

  • Gutters and downspouts: Basements can flood and exterior details can be damaged if gutters and downspouts don't move water off the roof and away from the house foundation. Prevent this problem by making sure your gutters are free of clogs, your downspouts are connected securely, and any long gutter runs are pitched properly to minimize overflows.
  • Roof flashing: Our experts will always check the flashing around chimneys, vent stacks, skylights, and step and valley flashing.
  • Skylights: During a roof inspection, we'll inspect the glazing seals between the skylight glass and the aluminum glazing bars. Leaks in these areas can often be repaired with a special sealant.
  • Roof ventilation: Soffit vents and ridge vents rarely require maintenance or repair, but gable vents can give insects and rodents access to your attic if they are not properly screened. These vents may need to be inspected from inside your attic as well as from the house exterior.

A new roof gives your house a new look

For most homeowners, the functional condition of their roofs is a top priority. While there are plenty of reasons you may need a new roof, most homeowners choose to install new roofing before the old materials wear out. As an added bonus, a new roof can boost your home's curb appeal. As experienced, professional New York roofing contractors, we can help you decide if roof replacement or installation makes sense for your needs and budget.

If you are considering a roof replacement, there are some exciting new roofing materials available – like composite shingles that look like old-fashioned roofing slates but are made from recycled rubber. Modern asphalt-fiberglass shingles have never looked better – especially the architectural grades that show off extra depth and texture. Best yet we can provide many of these materials at an affordable cost so you can get the best value for your home.

Choose a roofer you can count on

Roof replacements are a major home investment, so ensuring it's done right is crucial. That's why Klaus Roofing Systems of Upstate NY has committed to The Klaus Roofing Way, which guarantees unbeatable customer service, solutions, and value throughout your roof replacement project. Your satisfaction is important to us, and our roofers work with you to create the results you want, even long after your roof replacement is complete. That is why we recommend proper maintenance to avoid unnecessary repairs and to help your roof last longer.

We offer free roof replacement estimates to New York homeowners in Slingerlands, Schenectady, Troy, Guilderland, Queensbury, Latham, Amsterdam and areas nearby. Contact us today to schedule yours!

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