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Roof Hail Damage Repair in Saratoga Springs, Albany, & Nearby

Signs of hail damage & fixing your roof in Upstate New York

Roof hail damage in Albany

Sometimes hail damage isn't noticeable for months or even years. A roof inspection can point out roof hail damage before it worsens.

After a hail storm strikes, your home and roof can experience significant damage. If your roof starts leaking, then interior walls and ceilings can be affected. You can also have missing or damaged roof shingles. Not sure if your home has roof hail damage? Our trusted roofers can inspect the entire roof and recommend the appropriate solutions.

Whether you need roof hail damage repairs or a roof replacement, we're the experts. Schedule a free hail damage repair estimate today. We proudly serve New York homeowners in Saratoga Springs, Albany, Clifton Park, and areas nearby.

How roof hail damage affects different homes

Broken & Missing Shingle Roof Repair in Albany

From missing granules to broken shingles, not all roof hail damage looks the same. Even if problems aren't visible right away, it can cause the roof to age faster and leave your home vulnerable.

Not every home experiences roof hail damage the same way. Asphalt shingles can break or crack the tabs. Other times crushed or dented granules are forced into the shingles or displaced. Since granules protect shingles from UV rays, hail can shorten its lifespan and usually requires an insurance claim for hail damage repairs.

Also, different parts of the roof may experience more damage than others, resulting from lashing wind hitting some areas of the home harder.

Types of roof hail damage:

  • Damaged granules: The shingles are the first line of defense and if the roof loses granules, the asphalt coating designed to protect the shingle, then the home will be vulnerable to the elements.
  • Missing & broken shingles: As hail hits asphalt shingles, they can crack and break off. Damage can also be hidden underneath the shingle. Once the shingle is missing or damaged, then it exposes the underlayment.
  • Damaged fiberglass matt: If the fiberglass mat underneath the shingles becomes exposed and damaged, the entire system is vulnerable to the elements. Unlike missing or broken shingles, it often takes a trained roofer to identify an exposed or damaged fiberglass matt.

While missing or broken shingles, roof leaks, and damaged granules are all consistent with hail damage, these issues could also point to other problems. That is why hiring a professional to provide a thorough roof inspection helps you better identify damage and the cause. This will ensure the roof repairs your home receives are the ones it actually needs.

Signs your home needs hail damage repairs

Signs Your Home Needs Hail Damage Roof Repairs in Saratoga Springs
Reasons Your Home May Need Hail Damage Roof Repairs in Saratoga Springs

Not sure if your home needs roof repairs after a hailstorm? Granules in the gutters, siding damage, and other visible exterior damage could be a sign.

Unless there has been a severe storm with large hailstones, not all roof hail damage is immediately visible. From shingles deteriorating prematurely to roof leaks, it can take months or years for damage to become apparent. But there are other areas of the home exterior that can indicate whether or not you need roof repair services:

  • Damaged gutters: If gutters are dented or have other signs of damage after a hailstorm, this may be the most obvious sign that the home sustained roof damage.
  • Clogged gutters: If gutters are filled or clogged with granules, then this means there is shingle damage and is another sign that your home may need roof repairs.
  • Exterior storm damage: If your home has visible damage to siding, decks, windows, or other areas of the exterior after a hailstorm, then this can indicate whether or not you need hail damage roof repairs.
  • Damage around the yard: Property damage around the yard is another sign you may need a roof inspection after a hailstorm. This includes landscaping issues and damaged plants, dented cars, abrasions on AC and HVAC equipment, and problems with outdoor furniture.

Quick & reliable roof hail damage repairs

Are you concerned about damaged or missing shingles after a hail storm? Roof hail damage may not be noticeable for months or even years! That's why it is wise to call your insurance agent before any damage worsens.

We provide free roof hail damage repair estimates to New York homeowners in Schenectady, Slingerlands, Guilderland, Troy, Latham, Amsterdam, Queensbury, and nearby. Schedule yours today and protect your home against the elements!

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